Pietari Posti Illustrations

I’ve been following Finnish illustrator Pietari Posti’s work for some time, and it’s been fascinating to peer into his extremely accomplished and refined portfolio.

Using a range of traditional and digital mediums, Pietari’s work exhibits a profound understanding of the value of well balanced composition; using colour, varying line thickness, shape and tone to create congruent artwork.

Pietari Posti on Ape on the Moon
Pietari Posti on Ape on the Moon
Pietari Posti on Ape on the Moon
Pietari Posti on Ape on the Moon

Pietari Posti on Ape on the Moon

ⓒ Pietari Posti, 2010

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  1. Beautiful work.

    The sea piece is inspiring.

  2. Yes loving that sea work too 🙂

  3. I’ve also being an admirer of Pietari’s work. Wonderful use of colour.

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