Tape, Pencil and Resin: The Art of Brooks Salzwedel

I’m very intrigued by Californian artist Brooks Salzwedel’s unique style and approach to these delicate works, that combine nature and rigid human-made structures. It’s nice to see work that brings in different non-digital materials to what we’re used to.

Using a combination of Staedler Graphite pencils ranging from 6H to 9B, tape and ‘Awful toxic resin‘, Brooks creates images that look like relics of nature and other objects frozen in time.
Brooks Salzwedel on Ape on the Moon
I also love the gloomy and almost real effect that’s created by having elements between semi-transparent layers. They are also reminiscent of some of the pictures of flattened leaves you’d get in school science books.

Brooks Salzwedel on Ape on the Moon
Brooks Salzwedel on Ape on the Moon
‘When working on a piece I ask myself what images I want as the focus or in the foreground then literally draw the images on the layer that coincides with the layer in depth. The layers are semi transparent materials floating between layers of resin.’
Brooks Salzwedel on Ape on the Moon

Brooks Salzwedel on Ape on the Moon

ⓒ Brooks Salzweder, 2010

‘Right now I’m working on new pieces with the use of gel mediums. I’m trying to break away from the resin and see what other materials I can explore and how I can add more graphic and painted elements.’

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  1. Love the idea. So nice!

  2. Working on a project using some of that ‘awful toxic resin’ myself at the moment 😛

    Awesome work with the layering, would love to see these for real up close.

  3. Cool – looking forward to it! me too – I’m keen to work with similar materials…

  4. Beautiful!!!

  5. I really love them ! beautiful works and I feel like to try on experimenting that awful toxic recin too 🙂

  6. Indeed beautiful. But I’d like to learn more on the technological process: how It’s done?

  7. Hi, i’m glad to have found your blog! It’sgreat to see what other illustrators make, thanks!

  8. They fantastic work! There’s no limit in the world of creativity. But I think the ideal is to use non-toxic material, and does not harm the health of the artist.

  9. I love the depth of field captured by Selzwedel. The images are eerie, enhanced by their 3D quality.

  10. I think I saw some of these in an exhibition once when I lived in LA…they were just mesmerizing up close! Thanks for the post

  11. Have you ever considered doing an exhibition in Salzwedel, Germany? 🙂

  12. OK I’ve got to comment on this, because I absolutely love these images. Great work, love that translucent effect, I would be keen to attempt something like this myself.

  13. These create a wonderful sense of atmospheric perspective. They are beautiful. Nice to hear how they were made. Thanks for sharing.

  14. thanks for the great comments guys 🙂

  15. Takes me to the fantasy world, excellent work.

  16. i like it but its kinda hard to look at it hurts my eyes

  17. These are intriguing to look at. I wouldn’t mind seeing your technique; I haven’t heard of using resin with graphite before. I’d like to try it.

  18. Luminous! Thank you so much for making my day!

  19. love the ‘lostness of each piece’ and form vs formlessness…i use glue, but would love to learn how to use the resin…are you willing to share this? from rachel in cape town, far far away

  20. something new and different, i like this 🙂

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