Todd McLellan Deconstructs Mechanical Objects and Shows us his Cool Process Video

Posted at 6 pm on May 21, 2012 by

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Chaos and tranquility sit side by side in the series, ‘Disassembly’ by photographer, Todd McLellan. The photographs present the collective parts of deconstructed, well-known devices and their various mechanisms.

However, in partner images, the multitude of nuts, bolts, springs, and wires are shown in two contrasting ways. In one, the pieces are diligently arranged into neat formations, while they seem to be caught mid-explosion in the other.

It’s interesting to see how presentation completely changes how we see the same objects. Laid out neatly, they could be ready for assembly and we can imagine each piece being skilfully fitted together, with the end result being the intended functionality.

Frozen in the air, the only result seems the opposite, each part becoming simply a cog or oddly shaped piece of metal once again, as we imagine them coming crashing to the ground.

Below, you can get a behind the scenes look at how the project was put together (or taken apart, as the case may be) in Todd’s fantastic process video, and he tells us more.

I’m a photographer living in Toronto Canada. I work mostly in the digital format with anything from a iPhone to Phase One digital back. I work in two ways, which I imagine most photographers do, and that is with natural scenes and constructed scenes.

I like to explore the world around me very silently, but in the studio it’s a very different case. This is where I  am able to construct scenes and work with lighting to create the effect that I want.

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