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We like the work of one of Camberwell’s recent graduates from this year, Charlotte Mei Jones. She’s produced this lovely series of ceramic pieces, which are particularly illustrative. We like how, in this case, the ceramics are as much about being objects as simply being a different medium for her drawings.

The nature of the materials used and the process they must go through create a unique quality to the drawings. Working in glazes that are then fired, has a interesting way of looking like a both inky and hard material at the same time.

The looseness of the materials and they way Charlotte applies them also make them perfect for her free style of drawing and sense of humour. She tells us more.

I am primarily a a painter and drawer who uses both paper, and ceramics with which- and on which- to draw.

I find clay very therapeutic as a medium, and the piece often becomes as much about the object as the decoration.

When making work for myself I often reference funny moments, and interesting places I have been, working both from life and from my head. I also often depict characters who have stuck with me and people I know. (Although I mightn’t always tell them).

My working process involves firstly working out a colour palette and mixing paints until I have a character I am satisfied with. This applies both to ceramic and traditional illustration. Then typically I make many images of the same moment, without giving myself time to overwork them. I then select parts to reproduce for the final image.

© Charlotte Mei Jones, 2012

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  1. L.Robb 10.20.12 / 1am

    I have also seen Charlotte Mei’s work at Bristol school of Arts few yrs ago. C. Mei was only a teenager then.
    One project so memorable – she is a violinist and loves literature, the two things most fluid, verbal and of the mind, that you can imagine yourself hearing and emotionally feeling it in the atmosphere. However, she made that visual and tangible, did an exhibition on that not drawing or painting it but by using wood, a material totally opposit in nature – her music and poems certainly came alive in wood.