Colourful, Textured Characters from Polish Illustrator, Marta Stawinska

Posted at 11 pm on October 4, 2012 by

Posted in: Character Illustration, Mixed Media, Screen Printing, Sketchbooks

With influences from the various printing techniques and the mixed media she uses, Marta Stawinska’s work is full of textures you want to touch. She mixes these surfaces with areas of pencil and crayon and colourful characters.

Marta’s originally from Warsaw, where she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts before moving to Paris to study at L’ecole Estienne. She is now based in Berlin, where she has been working for a variety of Polish and German newspapers, magazines and publishers since 2010. She tells us a little more about her background and the materials she uses as well as giving us a peek into her wonderful sketch books.

I am a Polish illustrator based in Berlin. I work mostly in editorial, publishing houses, graphic design and, most importantly, I do a lot illustration just for myself, just for fun.

I use different techniques, recently I am fascinated by stencils, crayons and pencil. So, I have in my studio lots of paint, transparent paper and my favourite aquarell crayons.

I am trying to find my own textures and forms. In my composition, it is all about color. I love lithography, outsider art, the ’50s and a lot of other stuff .

© Marta Slawinska, 2012