Exuberant Colours in Inky Illustrations by Katie Vernon

Katie Vernon’s illustrations are characterised by rich pools of deep hues and accents of delicately drawn details. We take a look at some examples of her warmly decorative work.


Katie’s work really comes to life when she mixes up concoctions of exuberant colours. She carefully plays with depth and contrast, and introducing complimentary groups of varying colours together.

It’s something that she is able to do by creating the different elements separately before beginning to experiment with the palettes once she has moved to the digital part of her process.

As well as her regular illustrations, you can find Katie’s designs on plates and bags, and all other manner of homeware and products.


“I am a freelance illustrator who just recently signed with Lilla Roger’s Studio. I love creating work that combines loose, inky painting with linear details as well as muted neutrals with pops of color.

I paint each bit of a final piece separately with ink, then arrange and add detail/color in Photoshop. It’s a process that allows me to have flexibility from start to finish.”









© Katie Vernon, 2015

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