Conceptual Illustrations and Projects in Residence by Jason Sturgill

Jason Sturgill is a Portland-based artist and educator who works within a varied assortment of fields that cover advertising, design, and illustration.

He also organises a lot of art projects within the community including one that saw visitors to the Portland Art Museum being tattooed.


Jason’s work is always well-considered and concept-driven, but he also maintains a sense of playfulness in what he does.

In the project documented in the video below (and subsequent related project for a residency at Broken City Lab), he curated a selection of artists to design tattoos in response to the museum’s collection that were then offered out free for the public to have permanently emblazoned on their skin.

Take a look at the video and Jason’s site for more information.

[vimeo 31585297 600 338]

Film by Jess Gibson






© Jason Sturgill, 2015

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