Download Free Vintage and Aged Textures from Top Design Talent

We all know how precious time can be when we’re working on a new and exciting art and design project. Freeing ourselves up to be able to focus on the ‘making’ rather than the ‘preparing’ can be the key to a successful workflow.

This is why many designers rely on pre-made design element bundles to add the finishing touches that they feel their work needs. It is also why we’re excited to announce a brand new reward package for our subscribers.

We’ve collaborated with six wonderful designers to put together a design package on the theme of ‘vintage and aged textures’ that our subscribers can download in our member’s area for free.

These guys are fantastic at what they do so once you’ve subscribed and downloaded your free bundles, head over to their digital stores to browse the hundreds of useful resources they have to offer.

In the meantime, here’s a little more about the designers who’s work you’ll find in the bundle.

Bruno Maioral founded ‘BMACHINA Independent Design Lab’ in 2006 and has since kept himself busy working in various graphic and web design studios, and on independent projects all over the world.

Starting as simply a portfolio site for his projects, the studio quickly grew out of the strong demand for the individual, high-quality design elements in Bruno’s work. Since then, the interest in the resources they create has continued to grow with them now having to bring in occasional additional designers to meet the demand.

Painted Wood Texture - Light Pack

Above: example from the high-quality wood texture pack by BMACHINA.

Discovering new image-making techniques and applying them to her photography and design work is something that Denise Love is passionate about. She finds inspiration in creative experimentation and the transformative results you can get by integrating it into other areas of art.

With this is mind, she founded 2 Lil’ Owls Studio four years ago so that she could share her interest in working in this way and sense of enjoyment the finished designs can bring.

2 Lil’ Owls Studio not only creates downloadable designs elements and presets, it also houses a range of tutorial video workshops to hone technical skills and learn new ways of working.

Beautifully vintage

Above: example from the ‘Beautifully Vintage’ pack by 2 Lil’ Owls Studio.

Kiev-based Igor Vitkovskiy aka ArtistMef has been working in illustration and design since 2010. He creates beautifully vibrant texture packs using hand-made marks.

His illustration work draws inspiration from Sci-Fi themes, often capturing the same sense of scale and wonder in his cinematic style. He uses similar digital painting techniques and his eye for texture in the design packages he creates.


Above: example from the mixed design packs by Igor Vitkovskiy.

As well as making textures like the vintage set she is presenting, Nicky Laatz makes delicately hand-rendered fonts and illustration bundles. She specialises in ready made typefaces that give a freshly-written, personal feel as well as vector kits and other design element packages.

Nicky’s designs always feel light and modern but are also extremely expressive, particularly with the way she uses a variety of inky, painterly brushed marks.

Vintage texture5


Above: example from the ‘Vintage Texture’ pack by Nicky Laatz.

Working under the moniker ‘Offset’, David Hutton creates a variety of digital resources such as illustrations, halftones, letterpress characters, and vintage-style imagery.

Interestingly, David hadn’t originally planned to create a large library of digital products, it was something that grew out of a side project he’d started to ‘offset’ his regular freelance commissions.

What had started as a place for experimenting and collaborative art projects soon grew into a valuable resource for digital tools.


Above: example from the ‘Vintage Texture’ pack by David Hutton.

Ivan Gromov specialises in creating convenient ways for designers and artists to add expressive enhancements and thoughtful touches to theirs designs while saving time that can be better used for other parts of the creative process.

His digital store ‘CharlesPerrault Artworks’ is where he develops textures, palettes, actions, and templates that can be incorporated into designers’ projects.

He covers a whole range of products, from backgrounds and effects to textures and overlays.

Handcrafted Grain Texture (2)

Above: example from the hand-crafted textures by Ivan Gromov.

Get instant access to over 100 textures that you can download and use in you own projects right now.

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