Purple Art as Illustrators Remember the Iconic Prince

We have barely touched on the edge of spring and yet 2016 has already dealt many hard-felt blows to the creative talent pool. With the passing of Prince last week, we lost another boundary-blurring icon of popular culture who will continue to inspire artistry in others and what it is to be a creative human being.

Here are some of the many tributes from illustrators around the world who having been sharing what an inspiration Prince has been for them.


Above illustration © Craig&Karl

Bob Staake

Above illustration © Bob Staake

Samuel 'Sho' Ho

Above illustration © Samuel ‘Sho’ Ho


Lauren Tamaki

Above illustration © Lauren Tamaki


Above illustration © Hey Studio


Above illustration © A Large Evil Corporation


Above illustration © Victoria Fernandez

Christi Du Toit

Above illustration © Christi du Toit

Nick Alston

Above illustration © Nick Alston

Jake Gavino

Above illustration © Jake Gavino

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