Catch Up: An Eclectic Variety of Projects with Versatile Illustrator Sarah Haug

Sarah Haug was one of the first illustrators we featured on Ape on the Moon, being intrigued by the breadth of projects she was working on that included animations, visuals for club events, and window dressing.

Several years later, we catch up with Sarah as she gives us an in-depth breakdown of what she’s been up to.


Sarah has continued to develop an eclectic and exciting variety of interesting projects, a recent one being this vibrant series of postcards she created in collaboration with ‘Paper!Tiger!’

Speaking about the series she says, “for the thrill-seeking rabbits, a holiday needs to be an adrenaline-drenched adventure. But often, they ultimately choose to chill out and to enjoy the poetic scenery.

They get to know the locals and try out new lifestyles. There is no real coming back…”

Below, Sarah also talks us through the many projects she’s worked on since we last spoke, how her work has evolved, and what she is looking forward to trying out next.


A lot has happened since I got featured on Ape on the Moon in 2010 and my work has changed tremendously in looks and content.

I have been working on animated live visuals that eventually evolved from VJing in clubs, and concerts to animation installations in windows.

Parallel to that, I started doing big black and white drawings, which lead to wallpaintings and murals which are probably my favorite projects.

So I am really interested in working with space, transforming it with drawings and projections. After dabbling with different kind of other projects like editorial commissions and ideas for picture books, I decided to concentrate on animation and walls, seeing where this could go and fit in a context.


Another project that I am really excited about lately is a collaboration with Swiss fashion designer Sabine Portenier. I am working on a small capsule collection with painted T-shirts, each one a unique piece.

Another highlight has been a recent limited risoprint edition featuring rabbits and this collaboration with Paper!Tiger! in Paris is still going on, the next edition will be a gigantic erotic puzzle – so stay tuned.


My work is mostly character based and I love to tell anecdotes happening in a hedonistic and absurd world. I am trying to develop an intricate and intimate world I hope you enjoy with me.

On the other hand, I see drawing as my tool and vessel that hopefully takes me to discover a lot of things and to meet different people out there.

I would like to do more collaborations with other designers/artists as well as institutions and brands, because I like to learn about stuff and craft through my work.


I work a lot in my sketchbook with my fetish black Tombow pen, this is where my stories and characters are born. From there, I develop all my projects, directly on the wall, paper, animation project, whatever.

I emphasize more on the drawing itself and the line work than on the coloring and postproduction. So my work is quite raw.

I love painting with black ink and I challenge myself to improvise because when I mess up, things start to get interesting, and I have to find a better idea to save the situation.


My animations are made on the graphics tablet with software called TV Paint and are now mostly lines too. I am really excited because I just bought a Cintiq22HD and I am sure this will boost the output and quality of my animation work.

I would like to get more painterly and eventually involve more colors, and work on more ambitious and immersive animation projects in space.

Some of my most rewarding projects involved live editing and playing my visuals to music, something which I would definitely like to pick up again. I am also looking forward to doing more editions and collaborations, experimenting with different print techniques.


A lot of thinking goes into the production and distribution of my output, on how to organize shows, initiate collaborations and bring clients into my new online shop. A lot of questions remain to be solved in this area but I find this part of the work also very exciting.

Above and below are a few pictures from my sketchbook. The birds where in preparation for my last mural, a private commission.

Right now I am working at home after having a studio for almost 8 years. I would like to travel more, so I decided to restructure my activities a bit. I guess you could say that one of my favorite places on earth is blank space in my sketch book.

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© Sarah Haug, 2016

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