Reactions to the UK’s EU Referendum in Evocative Images from the Illustration Community

On Thursday the 23rd of June 2016, the United Kingdom held a referendum to gauge public opinion on the country’s continued membership of the European Union. The intense atmosphere was captured by the illustration community, providing both commentary before the ballot and reactions to the result.

Above: Lucille Clerc

Above: John Bond

Above: John Bond

Above: Aart-Jan Venema

Above: Aart-Jan Venema

Above: Alice Stevenson

Above: Lauren Humphrey

Above: Alec Doherty

Above: Matthew the Horse

Abovel: James D. Wilson

Above: Nate Kitch


Above: Dan Woodger

Above: Matthew the Horse

Above: Gizem Vural

Above: John Devolle

Above: Rob Hodgson

Above: Kyle Platts

Above: Hannah Warren

Above: Alex Barrow

Above: Alex Barrow

Above: Sam Peet

Above: Hattie Stewart

Above: Timothy Hunt

Above: Mitch Blunt

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