Elegant Detail in the Realistic Fashion Illustrations of Dena Cooper

With attentive detailing and carefully controlled layers, Dena Cooper is able to create exquisitely realistic fashion illustrations and portraiture.

A closer look is often needed to notice the diligently applied layers and high-level of craft in her watercolours. This effect is achieved with not only Dena’s skilfull drawing but her ability to perfectly capture the most nuanced of expressions in her subjects.

She tells us more about the materials and techniques she uses in creating her elegant work.

“I’ve always preferred drawing with pencils as they offer up the most control. After college, I started experimenting with adding layered watercolor over my pencil drawings.”

“My style is a semi-realistic, colourful and fun celebration of fashion and beauty and many times I mix mediums to achieve this effect.”  

“I hoard watercolors and have many brands that I mix and match in a large metal palette that I can easily fold and take with me to live events.” 

“I prefer painting very dry with my watercolors as another method of control.  Large watery washes are too unpredictable for my level of anxiety, so I paint in small dry layers — the more layers, the more depth.”

“I find the longer I paint and create as a freelance artist, the more I’m able to open up and explore new mediums and techniques.”

“I very much enjoy creating several small paintings and scanning them separately to layer them in Photoshop and add splashes of color to add an element of fun.” 

© Dena Cooper, 2018

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